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Whilst the main, bulk need for sealants is in the weatherproofing of buildings and other structures including houses, high-rise constructions, bridges roads and pavements, they are also used in water retaining and water exclusion applications in dams, canals, basements etc.

The exterior of a building must be weatherproofed to eliminate drafts and to prevent wind-driven rain from entering the building.  An urban environment also demands that airborne pollution and noise is kept to the outside.  Water leakage into a structure usually causes damage, even structural deterioration, both leading to costly repairs.  Less dramatic are the increased costs of heating and air-conditioning that can result in a poorly sealed structure.

It is fair to say that as people’s expectations of quality of life have increased, the demand for dry, equitable accommodation has become the norm, meaning that the need for weatherproofing has become critical fortunately, sealant technology has developed fully in line with this demand and is fully capable of meeting these more stringent demands.

When building methods were simpler with a more limited range of building materials in use, the need for sealing was much less of a necessity than it is now.  This was fortunate, since the technologies that have made possible the flexible sealants in wide use today, were only developed over the past fifty years.

In this page of sealants you shall look at various ranges of sealants available for use. This will lead into coverage of the ideas of sealant on our range and key points to consider when arriving at the right sealant for the job.

 Our Range of Building Sealant Products are as follows
MYK Seal PS G/P - MYK Seal PS is a two pack poly-sulphide based joint sealant basically for sealing horizontal movement joints in concrete and pavements. When the two packs are mixed it forms a tough, flexible durable rubber like material with a strong adhesive property on most building substrates and joints. Possess a MAF of around 30%.

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MYK ASO FLEX PU45 - MYK ASOFLEX-PU45 is a single component pigmented polyurethane sealant. It is light and UV stable characterized by high elasticity. It possesses good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis, salt solutions, neutral water-based cleaners as well as hot oils and fats. Possess a MAF of 15 – 20% of the joint width.

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MYK SEAL EMS - MYK SEAL EMS is basically a two component pouring grade semi rigid epoxy PU modified sealant for filling control and Construction joints in industrial concrete floors. The mixed sealant is self leveling and can be poured directly into horizontal joints to form a tough resilient seal. It supports the joints edges and reduces spalling of edges caused by wheel traffic. MAF is limited by 10%.

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