MYK Schomburg introduces JOINT-TAPES which are highly resistant to Alkalis, Oils and Grease and are composed of an innovative composite laminate material based on a water-resistant membrane and a polypropylene fleece. Waterproofing of MYK ASO®-JOINT-TAPES overlaps is guaranteed by the excellent adhesion proper ties. All MYK ASO®-JOINT-TAPES types can be used below grade and outdoors, thanks to its rot proof resistance and UV stability.
The application of MYK ASO®-JOINT-TAPES at overlaps and corners is both simple and easy. Perforated edges enhance tape adhesion, proper embedding into the waterproofing material and transfer of shear forces.
MYK ASO®-JOINT-TAPES are incomparable with any waterstops or any other joint tape. To guarantee a long-term watertight seal of joints, connections and pipe penetrations, the joint tapes must be compatible with the waterproofing materials used to demonstrate excellent adhesion with the substrate and most of all meet with the project requirements and specifications. 
The innovative composite (multi-layer) laminate system used to produce MYK ASO®-JOINT-TAPES ensures perfect adhesion with the substrate and the waterproofing material and also with tape overlaps. 

Some highlights of the Tape products -


  • High quality composite, elastic, extremely tear-proof, waterproof, vapour permeable. Ensures the quick drying of water containing tile adhesives and waterproof coatings, high resistance to aggressive materials.

  • For the watertight construction of expansion and construction joints within waterproof coatings produced with MYK AQUAFIN-2C, MYK AQUAFIN-UM, MYK SANIFLEX e.g. in swimming pools, subterranean car parks and areas in contact with the ground, wet areas etc.

  • Width: Dependent on the customer's needs, special sizes with widths up to 1 m can also be addressed.



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